Board Meeting Minutes – March 28, 2017

Date:                            Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Location:                     Campagnolo, 1020 Main Street

Call to Order:              Scott Jaeger @ 14h00

Roll Call:                      Céline Turenne

Board Attendance:     Robert Belcham, Ned Bell, Scott Jaeger, Danny Markowicz, Celine Turenne

Guests:                         Genevieve Dufresne, Leeann Froese, Colin Staus, Victor Girardi, Rob Clark

Approval of Board Meeting Minutes from February 28, 2017

1st: Scott Jaeger; 2nd Robert Belcham


  1.  Financial Report

 70 k in the bank

  1. Membership

Members: 180 +

  1. Sustainability/Growers/Green Initiatives Committee

            No report

  1. Marketing & Branding
  • Picture of the board to be taken at the AGM – Robert and Danny away – NOT ENOUGH MEMBERS IN ATTENDANCE – POSTPONED
  • Potential for library – space on East Hastings is still available; 119 k asked for – 88 refused – Neil to see if negotiations are possible; letter created for sponsorship for people within the industry to give money
  • Celine to send letter to remaining board members; create list of potential people to get the letter; add contacts to the list.
  • SJ: set target with more detailed “what’s in it for you”; donations tiers – goal of investment – business plan with cash flow to be organized;
  • Hire someone to write a business plan budget $1k
  • YVR prep reviewed
  • Celine to follow up with Roberta (Farmers’ Market)
  1. 2017 EVENTS
  • March - Curry Cup: highest profit ever;
  • May - Spot Prawn Festival & membership drive;
  1. Side dishes: sponsors for all;
  2. Volunteers: more chefs than we need; no restriction on inviting Chefs from outside CTS to demo;
  3. Email to Darren re permitting etc – temporary food permit only
  4. Door to door service of sides (Ned to follow-up with Mark Hills); pay for drivers?
  5. Mark: give tickets to Slow Fish
  6. Bucket with scrub brush to clean truck
  7. Ned to work on Oceanwise’s participation
  8. Create PLAN for tear down
  9. Milk crates for sitting?
  10. Ice selling?
  11. PRICE update: $19.75 (date to be determined)
  12. Music: Cassandra or new act?
  13. Coast guard –for the fishing ships; Police escort or Coast guard escort for the fishing vessels - Writing a letter to the Police or Coast Guards
  14. May - Spot Prawn Festival cooking classes (Darren)? – are we doing them? No decision yet.
  • September - Chef meets Truck – DATE: Second week September
  • BC Wild Salmon Festival (Chris W ; Ryan B co-chair) – DATE: end of September/October; suggestion made for a roaming dinner at Vancouver Club; Steve Richards will present to board/members and get back to us.
  • Note: 2000lb given for free last Sunday of August at Vanier Park for Pink Salmon Festival; Chum celebration every year;
  • Brewery and Beast want to be involved with CTS – Robert B to follow up
  • October: - Slow Fish Dinner – DATE:October 15 – postponed due to other events; Celine    to follow  up on fish availability at that time.
  • November - Greatest Bake Sale Ever! (Chair: Neil Wyles; co-chair: Christine Beard)
  1. Fundraising/Scholarship Committee

      No report

  1. Miscellaneous
  • Tent canopy replacement (Neil) – temporary fix done by Wharf
  • Various requests (sponsorships and participation);
  • Auction item sent for VCC dinner
  • Input for Sheri’s proposal
  • YVR prep info
  • Broadway International Wine Shop (postponed to next meeting)
  • Context Travel – docent for Granville Island food tours
  • Project Chef Program Evaluation
  • Asked by Western Living – foodies of the year to Leeann.


Adjournment:     3:20 pm

Next meeting:    Tuesday, April 25, 2017 @ 2h00 pm

Location:           Campagnolo upstairs, 1020 Main Street

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