Board Meeting Minutes April 28, 2014


Date:               Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Location:         Campagnolo, 1020 Main St., Vancouver BC

Call to Order:  By: Scott Jaeger  At: 14h08

Roll Call:          By:  Céline Turenne

Attendance:     Robert Belcham, Ned Bell Ryan Bissell, Robert Clark, Jonathan Chovancek, Scott Jaeger, Kyle Nordman, Celine Turenne,, Nessa Van Bergen, Chris Whittaker, Neil Wyles

Approval of Board Meeting Minutes from March 25, 2014

1st:Robert Clark          2nd:Ryan Bissel


  1.  Financial Report

Write off of cookbooks loss of 6k – books left will be signed and sold off at the Spot Prawns Festival on May 10.


  1. Membership Committee

Additional member recognition event suggested and planned by Alvin Pillay involving wineries. An additional sponsor would be involved in subsidizing event and increase appeal to CTS members.


  1. Sustainability/Growers/Green Initiatives Committee

Slow Fish update:  a draft was written by Rob and sent to Nessa for review and then send to membership to outline CTS participation in the Slow Fish movement.  Rob met with the SF national level and they are interested in moving forward with CTS.  It is suggested that a board member from CTS become a member of the Slow fish (membership paid by CTS) to show support and increase involvement.  It is also suggested that young chefs be sponsored to become members, their membership covered by CTS.


  1. Marketing & Branding

 Cookbooks signed by all attending chefs who have recipes. More signing will be done before the Spot Prawns Festival.  Nessa and Celine are coordinating.

Spot Prawns Festival Pre-event: membership recognition event on Monday May 5 from 6 to 9 pm; Rob Clark in attendance to discuss sustainability of spot prawns.  It is suggested that an educational aspect to be added to members event.  Constellation Wines is supplying wines.

Hogs and Hopps festival – to get information back from John Baldwin via Robert Belcham before CTS can proceed with approval of participation and involvement.


  1. Health & Wellness Committee

 Grouse Grind by Ned – small event to be done; activity base to move people; Ned to provide health and wellness articles to be posted on the CTS web site.

Chefs for ocean society:  Ned will be cycling across the country and holding events along the way - 14 events; September 11 final event at 4 Seasons in Vancouver; (


  1. Spot Prawn Festival


 8th annual – gearing up for a big party in 2 years

Since the Spot Prawns Festival was created by CTS, it should always be mentioned as part of any promotion/material created.

Cookbooks will be sold at the festival:  $25 hardcover; $20 soft cover

Ned Bell is Emceeing – starts at 11h30; (will sell tuna ($10.00/can) to finance Chefs for Ocean Society)

Confirmed additional sponsors: Wine sponsor Mission Hill; Coffee:  Salt Spring Island; Terra Bread for buns; R&B for beer

Band to be confirmed – Nessa has information

Chefs participating in the boil: head shots and bios needed

Volunteers:  4 from Aquarium, 8 students needed per shift to set-up and breakdown, 6 people from the wharf for traffic/parking – someone to be in charge of volunteers.


  1. Fundraising/Scholarship Committee

Motion proposed by Scott  to give $500 to Michael Rosczell – motion passed (Robert Clark and Neil Wyles)

The BC Hospitality Foundation scholarship funds of $2500 (yet to be named) will still be used for a Stage based scholarship, with details and dates forthcoming.


New Business:

Send flowers to Mary – Scott to look after

Bill 24:  Concern about ALR – structured to 6 zones; re-assigning agricultural land;  photo campaign  farmland is important to us with logo; Scott to arrange for sign; # needed; let’s get aligned with someone.  Clearly stated message: Scott to take charge of message and setting up.


Adjournment:  By:  Scott Jaeger

At:   15h19

Next board meeting:  Tuesday, May 27, 2014 @ Campagnolo

Board Meeting Minutes, January 28, 2014



Date:                 Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Location:       P.I.C.A.

                           1505, W 2nd Avenue

                           Vancouver BC

Call to Order:  By: Scott Jaeger

                               At:  15h02

Roll Call:          By:  Scott Jaeger

Attendance:    Robert Belcham, Ryan Bissel, Robert Clark, Scott Jaeger, Katharine Manson, , Kyle Nordman, Celine Turenne, Nessa van Bergen, Chris Whittaker, Neil Wyles

Approval of Board Meeting Minutes from November 26, 2013

1st:  N/A

2nd: N/A


1.  Financial Report

Neil commented that more revenues need to be generated.  Financial report not yet filed.

2.  Membership Committee

  • Chris and Kyle will meet in February to discuss plans for the new year.
  • Vintners Brunch, March 2, 2014:  CTS’ presence coordinated by Kyle; a table will be set-up with CTS banners (Jonathan has them)  - membership can be set-up on site.  Good potential for new members.
  • Successful visit of Art Institute of Vancouver by Robert Belcham.  More visits in the future as interest shown by the school to continue collaboration.
  • Students still get free 1st year membership, but renewal for subsequent years will be at regular fee with new code set-up in system by Nessa.
  • Celine and Nessa will work on re-organizing members’ list and coordinate approach to have members from prior years renew their membership.
  • Increase communication with members is needed to keep interest in CTS high. Automated emails set-up was done by Katharine in the past and those can be used. Currently an automated email is sent to new members.
  • Amex is still a problem with Paypal.  Members wishing to pay with Amex contact Nessa and she will process their transaction manually.  Nessa will unload and re-load the Paypal link so see if the problem is fixed.  She will work with Karen if not.

 3.  Sustainability/Growers/Green Initiatives Committee

Robert Clark met with the Slow Fish group and gave a presentation.  He discussed how CTS and Slow Fish can move forward together.

The goal is to participate in events to raise money for Slow Fish but also accomplish other goals aside from fundraising.  CTS will get involved, but objectives need to be clear.

Robert will prepare something in writing for the web site to gauge membership’s interest in building a relationship with Slow Fish.  Nessa to post.

4.  Marketing & Branding

  • Curry Cup update from Kyle (email from Jonathan):  organization is well under way with restaurants and judges selections almost finalized.  Very good response from sponsors for set-up logistics and consumables.   Thank you to all board members who got involved in helping organize this event.  It will be one of the fund raisers for CTS and might be added to the annual events' list.  A premium of a CTS engraved wine glass will be offered to members who show up at the event and show their membership card.  At the event, a cheque for a sponsorship will be donated to Growing Chefs.  Growing Chefs' volunteers will work at the event.  Details will be posted on CTS web site and PR for the event will be made available as soon as most details are finalized.
  • Spot Prawns Festival pictures were requested by the Travel Network for their “Bizarre Food” show.  This show should air sometime in the Spring.

 5.  Health & Wellness Committee

       Ned was unable to attend – no report.

6.  Spot Prawn Festival 

  • Date to be confirmed as soon as possible since Nessa is getting requests from different organizations and individuals for planning purposes.  It will be held in May either week-end of 11th  or 18th.
  •  Chris sent a letter to Chris Sporer (Pacific Prawn Fishermen’s Association) for sponsorship.  He will follow-up and communicate their response.
  •  Planning should start now to have Festival's 10th year anniversary include personalities from West Coast area.

 7.  Fundraising/Scholarship Committee

Scott requested that more requests to be made for books from the Barbara Jo’s Scholarship.

New Business:

       Presentation from Streetsmart Canada did not take place.


Adjournment:  By:  Scott Jaeger

At:   16h11

Next board meeting:  Tuesday, February 25, 2014



Spot Prawn Festival – coming up in May!

Spot Prawn Committee Chair - Ryan Bissell - is looking for CTS members who would like to join the working group and help out with task related projects leading up to the event. Areas where we will be needing organizational support are: coordinating vendors, coordinating Chefs, marketing, ticket sales, event volunteer coordination, etc. This is an excellent opportunity to support your Chef community and to get to know the Chefs' Table Society better.

If you are interested in participating, please email Ryan at: chefryanbissell[at]

We look forward to another fun and successful year!

Board Meeting Minutes November 26, 2013

Date:               Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Location:         P.I.C.A. - 1505, W 2nd Avenue, Vancouver BC

Call to Order:  By: Scott Jaeger

At:  14h30

Roll Call:          By:  Jonathan Chovancek

Attendance:    Robert Belcham, Ryan Bissell, Julian Bond, Andrea Carlson, Jonathan Chovancek, Robert Clark, Sid Cross, Scott Jaeger, Kathryn Manson, Kyle Nordman, Nessa Van Bergen, Chris Whittaker

Approval of Board Meeting Minutes from October 29, 2013

1st:  Nessa van Bergen

2nd: Sid Cross



  1. Financial Report - Neil WylesUnable to attend - no report.  Nessa requires last year’s financials from Neil.  Expediting of this would be great. 
  2. Membership Committee – Kyle Nordman and Chris Whittaker We are currently at 108 active/76 inactive members as of November 2013.Jonathan and Robert B will go to A.I. to generate student membership. Students to be given free 2014 membership but no shirt.  Nessa to create a coupon code and send to Jonathan & Robert.  Hard cost of each new membership with t-shirt is $15 per person.

    Jonathan to do an email introduction to JC Felicella at VCC.

    Nessa to set up a new Pay Pal account with a link to pay membership dues with the reminder letter and will send email reminders to inactive/lapsed memberships. Membership Committee to follow up.


  3. Sustainability/Growers/Green Initiatives Committee – update from Rob ClarkRobert investigated the potential for partnership opportunities with SLOW FISH. There is a great opportunity to help build the infrastructure and network and to guide the organization to matters which meet the CTS’s ethical position and highlight smaller fisheries in need of global attention.Scholarship opportunities for members to travel to Italy with Slow Fish would add to the value of membership in the CTS.

    Robert would sit as the Slow Fish chair on the CTS board.

    Nessa to write a membership interest letter to asses CTS members interest in joining Slow Fish with the replies to go to Robert Clark and he will discuss the feedback at the next board meeting.


  4. Marketing & Branding – update from Robert BelchamThe last marketing meeting yielded a proposal for a new event to be held in March ‘The Curry Cup”.Jonathan & Kyle presented an overview of the event for approval to move forward with a formal event plan. Board unanimously voted to move forward.  Event plan to be reviewed outside of a formal meeting in early December so we can start event planning and marketing in early January.


  5. Health & Wellness Committee Unable to attend – no report. 
  6. Spot Prawn Festival – update form Ryan Bissell Volunteers needed to get rolling for Feb 1 2014.Can we get the Mayor and some Sustainable Celebrities to be part of the festival this year?

    Sid suggested a fundraiser attached to the festival with 4-6 high profile chefs doing a high ticket price dinner.

    Nikki Bailey from Eater wants to join the spot prawn committee.


  7. Fundraising/Scholarship Committee – update from Scott JaegerScott met with Lee Murphy of Vista D’Oro Farm/Winery to discuss a series of events to be held at the end of September 2014:  5 events over 5 nights, 50-100 guests. $150 per person ballpark.  Lee wants to provide wines and rentals.Sid suggested a Chef’s table at each dinner with premium wines and price.

    Suggested possible restaurants - Pear Tree, Okanagan Chefs, Joy Road Catering/ Jeff Van Geest, /Hawksworth

    Scott to work out event/ business plan

    New Business:


  8. Presentation by Mathew Dixon from Cowpower ( - see attachment for presentation details)


  1. Nessa to roll out a 2014 event calendar to organize volunteers and marketing.
  2.  Nessa moves to join Tourism Vancouver , Scott motions, Ryan seconds. Movement passes @ $284 for the year
  3.  Dish N Dazzle partnership- Nessa working on memoranda of understanding to forward to Scott to present to the board.
  4.  Nessa will send out the Board a list of 30 questions for a ‘Get To Know Your Board Better’ marketing segment. It will include a non PR picture.



Adjournment:  By:  Scott Jaeger

At:   16:30

Next board meeting:  January 28, 2014

Board Meeting Minutes for October 29, 2013

Date:               Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Location:         P.I.C.A. 1505, W 2nd Avenue, Vancouver BC

Call to Order:  By: Scott Jaeger At:  14h05

Roll Call:          By:  Jonathan Chovancek

Attendance:    Robert Belcham, Jonathan Chovancek, Robert (Rob) Clark, Sid Cross, Scott Jaeger, Céline Turenne, Nessa van Bergen

Approval of Board Meeting Minutes from September 24, 2013

1st:  Jonathan Chovancek

2nd: Robert Clark



1.    Céline Turenne for Secretary Position

Motion unanimously accepted.


2.    Financial Report - Neil Wyles

Unable to attend


3.    Membership Committee

Unable to attend, update sent to Nessa.

Good sign up of new members at Member Appreciation Event held on September 29, 2013. students from Northwest Culinary Academy of Vancouver have indicated willingness to volunteer for various events/committees.

Follow-up on how to address lapsed memberships to be discussed at next board meeting.  Celine and Nessa volunteered to help if needed/required by committee chair.


4.    Sustainability/Growers/Green Initiatives Committee – update from Rob Clark

Robert assessing if Slow Fish relationship with CTS would be a good fit. 


5.    Marketing & Branding – update from Robert Belcham

Expenditure for CTS promotional stickers approved; 2 categories: stickers to be included in the Barbara Jo’s scholarship books that are given out and general ones.  Small quantities to start, re-ordered as needed.

Robert and Kathryn met with Vancouver Magazine and relationship with CTS is being discussed with possible changes reviewed.  On-going conversation, will be updated at next board meeting.


6.    Health & Wellness Committee

Unable to attend


7.    Spot Prawn Festival

Unable to attend, update sent to Nessa

Volunteer needed for this committee.  Daryn from PICA indicated he wants to be involved to make execution easier (set-up at PICA).


8.    Fundraising/Scholarship Committee – update from Scott

Three $1500-scholarships were given:  one to Northwest Culinary Academy of Vancouver, one to Pacific Institute of Culinary Arts (PICA) and one to Carson High School.  In the future, one will be given to Red Seal applicant.

A Fall event is needed.  Scott is thinking of a farm set-up for a week with 2 to 3 chefs each night.  Tickets would be sold by third party with funds going to CTS.  Discussion and answer needed from board and to be added to January agenda.


9.    Hawksworth Young Chef Scholarship – event post mortem – Scott & Nessa

Congratulations to Paul Moran from Kelowna, 2013 Hawksworth Young Chef Scholarship recipient of a $10,000 offered by the Chefs’ Table Society.

All agreed it was a very successful event.  Involvement of CTS in future is agreed with contract and details to be finalized.  Brand exposure and logo placement to be reviewed to maximize visibility.  Fine-tuning of presentation to be worked on for next year’s event.  Any comments to be sent to Nessa.

Nessa suggested a letter be sent to all participants and a free membership be given for a year.


New Business:

10.  Presentation from Tarren Wolfe, Founder of Urban Cultivator

Sustainable, ecological and nutritional option to grow fresh herbs and micro-greens indoor.

For more information:; 1 877 352 0490




Adjournment:  By:  Jonathan Chovancek

At:   15h47


Next board meeting:  November 26, 2013

Board Meeting Minutes for September 24, 2013

Location: Barbara Jo’s Books to Cooks Call to Order – Julian 2:10pm

Roll Call – Mary Mackay noted attendance

In Attendance:                                                     

Julian Bond, Robert Clark, Mary Mackay ,Neil Wyles, Scott Jaeger, Robert Belcham, Chris Whittaker, Kyle Nordman, Ned Bell, Nessa van Bergen, Jonathan Chovancek, Andrea Carlson, Ryan Bissell, Josh Wolfe, Curtis Webb, Dwayne Botcher

Approval of Board Minutes August 27, 2013– Nessa van Bergen 1st, Robert Belcham 2nd

Financial Report – Neil

  • No Report – Neil reminded      the board that there is a need to regenerate revenue.

Board Slate 2013/2014

  • Board reviewed the slate and approved for 2013/2014
  • Secretary position still to be filled.

Hawksworth Scholarship- Nessa

  • Scott will present the $10,000 cheque to the winner on behave of the CTS, at PICA on October 27, 2013.
  • Nessa has been provided with budget information, board will review.
  • 19 applications to date, 13 from BC.
  • 2 tickets to attend the gala dinner at Hawksworth Restaurant to be auctioned off, this will be used as a fundraising opportunity for CTS.
  • 30 tickets will be made available for membership to attend and observe the competition.

Donation Request - Nessa

  • Growing Chefs has put in a request for a Dine Around Package from the CTS, Nessa will mention to membership at the AGM.

CONNECT Show/CRFA request for Chef Demos - Nessa

  • GFS is sponsoring a chef demo stage at the show and is looking for chefs, no budget, ingredients will be provided by GFS.
  • CTS are interested in running the stage at next year’s show for a budget.

Generic Inquiries through the website-Nessa

  • Nessa to manage the forum and will direct chefs to be involved with responding to questions posted on the website.
  • Board members to post on forum as well as Facebook to drive members to forum.


New Business:

Kyle and Chris visited North West Culinary Institute to talk to students about CTS, handed out Belong cards.

Motion to cover the cost of culinary student’s membership dues for 1st year of membership provided they are presently registered in a local culinary school by Kyle and Chris.

Board voted and passed the motion.  CTS will cover cost of the membership; this will not include a free t-shirt.  Students will receive a free t-shirt after volunteering at a CTS event.

Membership appreciation brewery tour on Sunday, September 29 at 2pm.  Karen will handle membership sign up at the event.

Motion to not require the Board Secretary Position to be a chef was put forward by Mary.  Board voted and passed the motion.

Meeting Adjourned at 3:19pm – Julian Bond

Chef Scott Jaeger joins Hawksworth Young Chef Scholarship judging panel

Chef Scott Jaeger joins Hawksworth Young Chef Scholarship judging panel 
Burnaby chef brings world-class competition experience to the scholarship finals

Scott Jaeger
Vancouver, BC (October 21, 2013) – The team at Hawksworth Young Chef Scholarship is pleased to announce that Chef Scott Jaeger, president of The Chefs’ Table Society of BC, will be part of the judging panel for the 27th October final of the Hawksworth Young Chef Scholarship competition.
Chef Jaeger will be joining Hawksworth Restaurant’s Chef de Cuisine Kristian Eligh in the kitchen at Vancouver’s Pacific Institute of Culinary Arts to judge the technical aspect of the competition. Chef David Hawksworth, Chef Mark McEwan, Chef Normand Laprise, Chef Anthony Walsh and Chef Vikram Vij will be tasting the finalists’ dishes alongside award-winning food writer Jacob Richler.
The winning young chef stands to receive a $10,000 scholarship presented by The Chefs’ Table Society of BC, a founding sponsor of the culinary competition, and a stage at an international restaurant. Canadian-born Chef Jaeger trained under Bruno Marti and has worked across the world in Australia, France, Switzerland and at the Waldorf Hotel in London. He co-owns Burnaby’s award-winning The Pear Tree restaurant with his wife Stephanie, which opened in 1997 and has won him accolades including BC Chef’s Association Chef of the Year, Vancouver Magazine’s Chef of the Year, and the Georgia Straight’s Chef of the Year. Chef Jaeger is Vice Conseilleur Culinaire of the esteemed Chaine des Rotisseurs, a member of the Canadian Culinary Federation and president of The Chef’s Table Society of BC.
“We’re thrilled to have Chef Scott Jaeger onboard,” says Chef David Hawksworth. “His previous participation in Bocuse D’Or world chef championship as part of Team Canada and his current preparation to represent Canada in Dubai at the World Hospitality Championships means he’ll be a great asset to the Hawksworth Young Chef Scholarship competition.”
A private Q&A with the chefs will take place at the final – to win a ticket for the competition day and a chance to ask the chefs your question, and win a signed cookbook, ask your question via Facebook or tweet @HawkScholarship. On the evening of October 27th, from 5pm, the chef judges will be preparing a special gala fundraising dinner at Hawksworth Restaurant. Tickets cost $140, or $218 including wine pairings, and must be booked in advance by calling 604.673.7000.

About Hawksworth Young Chef Scholarship:
A Canadian non-profit culinary foundation, the Hawksworth Young Chef Scholarship, was created to recognize and inspire young Canadian chefs, whilst promoting professionalism and culinary excellence within the hospitality industry. Through its national annual competition, the scholarship program provides a platform for talented young chefs to get a head start through recognition, mentorship and an unparalleled opportunity to work in the country’s leading restaurants.
Hawksworth Young Chef Scholarship contact:
T: 778.945.3325
Brody Jones
Media contact: 
Hawksworth Communications
T: 604.609.6678
Annabel Hawksworth

Chefs’ Table Society Annual General Meeting: September 24, 2013

On Tuesday, September 24, the Chefs' Table Society of British Columbia will hold their Annual General Meeting at the Barbara-Jo's Books to Cooks and will inform members of the exciting new scholarship opportunities and upcoming events.

Chefs' Table Society Annual General Meeting

Date: September 24, 2013
Time: General Meeting at 2:00pm, AGM at 3:30pm
Where: Barbara-Jo’s Books to Cooks - 1740 W 2nd Avenue, Vancouver (map)
Guests: Open to members and the general public
Belong: Become a Chef or Supporter member for $35 annually

AGM Focal Points

  • Meet the current Chefs' Table Society Board, learn about our Values, and understand what our Committees are doing to enhance the culinary community
  • Meet our new Executive Director, Nessa van Bergen
  • Sign up in person to be a Chef or Supporter member
  • Meet fellow members and interact with Board and Committee representatives

Apply now for the Barbara-Jo Books To Cooks Chef Literacy Scholarship

Barbara-Jo Books To Cooks Chef Literacy Scholarship

Open to all Cooks and Culinary Students

Barbara-jo Books To Cooks is a longstanding crown jewel in Vancouver’s culinary scene; a cultural mecca for foodies.

A unique scholarship opportunity has been created by Barbara-Jo to help cooks obtain the books of their dreams - a book to bring you to modern times, a book of classics to spark your passion, a text book or reference book to start your own business. This your chance to start or enhance your personal library.

For Barbara-jo, it's a chance to nourish the principals that form the foundation of her business. "I believe in the preservation of libraries and the knowledge that comes from real books," she explains.  "The idea of holding a book in your hand, of spending time to savour the gift of turning each page, is something that should be passed on to each generation."

"We bring in books from around the world," she adds.  "They're essential reading for young, professional chefs.  But they can be expensive, especially if you're just starting out.  So I got to thinking: How can I pass on an experience I've always cherished to the young chefs who need it most?"

To apply, simply write to The Chefs Table Society. In several paragraphs describe yourself, where you want to go with your career, what book you are looking for and the reason why.

Applications will be reviewed on the last day of every season, or 4 times a year, so you can apply throughout the year.

Send your application letter to:

Chefs’ Table Society of BC Sponsors Hawksworth Young Chef Scholarship

The Chefs’ Table Society of British Columbia Sponsors $10,000 grand prize for 

Hawksworth Young Chef Scholarship 

Young Canadians will compete for prize in front of Canada’s most revered judges

Ten young chefs from across Canada will have the chance to win a life-changing grand prize of $10,000, funded by founding sponsors The Chefs’ Table Society of BC, at the inaugural Hawksworth Young Chef Scholarship competition this October. The Chefs’ Table Society of BC are generously providing the grand prize of $10,000 for the next three years of the competition.

The Hawksworth Young Chef Scholarship program is a non-profit culinary foundation created to provide a platform for talented young Canadian chefs to get a head start in their career, making it a perfect match for The Chefs’ Table Society of British Columbia; a chef-run province-wide collaborative dedicated to creating a foundation for the exchange of information between culinary professionals.

"Mentorship, camaraderie and creating a legacy full of opportunity and awareness for established and rising young chefs is a mandate we’ve always embraced," says Chef Julian Bond, President of Chefs' Table Society of BC. "These values have also been embraced by the Hawksworth Young Chef Scholarship competition and that’s why we’re proud to come aboard as a founding sponsor. The competition will be a great opportunity for these young chefs, both personally and professionally, and we look forward to our sponsorship making a difference this year and in the years to come".

"Over the last 10 years The Chefs' Table Society of British Columbia has demonstrated time and again our commitment to elevating the culinary profession in BC,” says Society Vice President Robert Clark. “The Chefs' Table Society's inaugural endowment of $10,000 to the Hawksworth Young Chef Scholarship is another example of that commitment. As a society, we are constantly striving to shine the spotlight on the many talented chefs and purveyors in our midst.”

“We’re thrilled to be working in partnership with The Chefs’ Table Societyof BC and are so thankful for their generous sponsorship of the grand prize,” says Chef David Hawksworth. “It will make such a difference to our young chef winner’s life and career and we look forward to working with them over the next three years and taking the competition from strength to strength.”

The winner of the inaugural 2013 Hawksworth Young Chef Scholarship will receive the $10,000 bursary and a stage at a top international restaurant – giving them the inspiration and opportunity needed to develop their professional skills.

Judges include Chef Normand Laprise, owner and head chef of Toqué! and Brasserie T!; Chef Mark McEwan, star of Top Chef Canada; as well as award-winning food author Jacob Richler. Vancouver-based celebrity Chef Vikram Vij and Corporate Executive Chef of Oliver & Bonacini Restaurants Chef Anthony Walsh. Hawksworth Restaurant’s Chef de Cuisine Kristian Eligh and Chef David Hawksworth will be representing the West Coast on the judging panel.

The competition is open to Red Seal Canadian chefs under 28 years of age that are currently working full-time with a professional kitchen. Ten selected finalists will gather for the final at the Pacific Institute of Culinary Arts in Vancouver on Sunday October 27th 2013.

Twitter: @HawkScholarship 

 About Hawksworth Young Chef Scholarship: 

A Canadian non-profit culinary foundation, the Hawksworth Young Chef Scholarship, was created to recognize and inspire young Canadian chefs, whilst promoting professionalism and culinary excellence within the hospitality industry. Through its national annual competition, the scholarship program provides a platform for talented young chefs to get a head start through recognition, mentorship and an unparalleled opportunity to work in the country’s leading restaurants.

About The Chefs’ Table Society of British Columbia: 

Founded by Jamie Maw and Sid Cross, the Chefs’ Table Society of British Columbia is a registered, non-profit society composed of B.C.’s leading chefs and culinary professionals. It is a province-wide collaborative dedicated to creating a foundation for the exchange of information between culinary professionals. The Society supports innovative and sustainable programs that will inspire, educate and nurture B.C. chefs, producers and the local food industry. The Chefs’ Table Society secures apprenticeships for and bestows bursaries to emerging local chefs and also finances culinary education programs in BC schools. For more information or to become a member visit:


Hawksworth Young Chef Scholarship contact:

T: 604.609.6678
Brody Jones


Chefs' Table Society of BC contact:
T: 604.689.8935
Céline Turenne


Media contact: 
Hawksworth Communications 
T: 604.609.6678 
Annabel Hawksworth
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