Board Meeting Minutes – May 31, 2016

Date:                            Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Location:                      Campagnolo, 1020 Main St., Vancouver

Call to Order:                Robert Belcham @ 1h33

Roll Call:                       Céline Turenne

Board Attendance:        Robert Belcham, Ryan Bissell, Scott Jaeger, Danny Markowicz Celine Turenne

Guests:                         Alex Tung, Kathleen Beveridge

Approval of Board Meeting Minutes from April 5, 2016 – postponed to next meeting

1st:   ; 2nd:

Approval of Board Meeting Minutes from April 26, 2016

1st: Ryan    ; 2nd: Danny


  1. Financial Report

$86.7 in bank (expenses outstanding from SPF events)

  1. Membership

Activities needed to improve

  1. Sustainability/Growers/Green Initiatives Committee

No report

  1. Marketing & Branding

No report

  1. Slow Fish Dinner 2016

First committee meeting was held, plans are moving forward.

  1. Curry Cup 2017

No report

  1. 10th annual Spot Prawn Festival events

Boil (Sunday May 15)

  • Very successful event with biggest number of attendees since inception of festival
  • Suggestions for next year:
  • All spot prawns deliveries to be accompanied by delivery slip
  • Donation agreement for free pot prawns to be managed by PPFA – along with payment since we keep having problems with deliveries/quantities
  • Count number of people in line to arrange for food portioning
  • Get more volunteers: 12 people per serving line are needed and then volunteers for other area;  if people show up, then their membership is paid, they get a shirt, ….
  • Add more table tops or other tables for people to eat at; no chairs so people move on
  • Skipper Otto set-up a table without checking with CTS – all tables to be checked by CTS and must be pre-approved
  • Sell water? See if we can get bottled water or juices to sell (additional revenues)
  • Sell wine and beer? See how we can set-up an alcohol selling area

Spot Sprawn Gala (Friday May 13)

  • Beautiful event
  • Generated less revenues as not sold out, but still profitable
  • Donation to Oceanwise to be organized
  • The Club want to work with us again … do we repeat?
  • Have a plaque made for the Club to go on their wall – Celine to organize

Spot Prawn Cooking Classes (Saturday May 14)

  • To be repeated next year
  • Sold out in 2 weeks
  • Same format, but try to get 2 instructors
  • Everyone got a lb of prawns and an apron
  • Increase price to $40.00 (from $35.00)
  1. Fundraising/Scholarship

No activities

  1. Miscellaneous

Fall food truck event

  • Meeting with Yaletown BIA, suggestion was made to get a Vancouver Trolley for serving alcohol, BIA will help with logistics of events and working with City to get permit for park and parking meters; they want it to be associated with Taste of Yaletown event.
  • CTS to pair one chef per truck

Donation for  Sprouting Chefs

  • motion to vote - donation of $ - no accepted, donation of gift basket items - accepted


  • Tuesday June 28 at 2:30 pm
  • Focus: sustainable delivery containers, Scott to invite Sysco and others suppliers to attend


Adjournment:  Scott Jaeger at 3h18 pm

Next meeting:  Tuesday, June 28, 2016 @ 2:00 pm

Location:  PICA, 1505 W 2nd Avenue

Board Meeting Minutes – April 26, 2016

Date:                            Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Location:                      The Fish Counter 3825 Main St., Vancouver

Call to Order:                Scott Jaeger @ 14h09

Roll Call:                       Céline Turenne

Board Attendance:        Robert Clark, Darren Clay, Scott Jaeger, Celine Turenne, Neil Wyles

Guests:                         Alex Tung, Eric Arrouze

Approval of Board Meeting Minutes from April 5, 2016 – postponed to next meeting

1st:   ; 2nd:


  1. Financial Report

57.9 k in bank

  1. Membership
  • No new development –
  • A membership booth will be set-up at the Spot Prawn Festival Boil to sign-up new members – ALL CULINARY STUDENTS can get a membership for free;
  1. Sustainability/Growers/Green Initiatives Committee
  • No report
  • Robert has sent out a template for green initiative; Darren is using it and also returning all the cardboard boxes he is getting deliveries in at the school
  • Focus for the AGM – freshpoint; sysco and others: how can we work with the suppliers at getting better sustainable options for product deliveries;
  • Send invitation major players for attending AGM and discussing.
  1. Marketing & Branding
  • Fall event: Danny & Alex to co-chair event
  • Food trucks and farmer’s market: Alex spoke with some food trucks; Tie-in with farmers’ market will be challenging due to weather and ticketing restrictions;
  • October – LAST DAY OF THE MARKET –
  • Space TO BE CONFIRMED; Nat Bailey Winter market? Italian Cultural Center? Celine To f/u with Costanza
  1. Slow Fish Dinner 2016
  • Date: Sunday September 18
  • Darren Clay is the chair
  1. Curry Cup 2016
  • Neil to chair Curry Cup 2017
  1. Spot Prawn Festival
  • Eric to send name of photographer

Boil (Sunday May 15)

  • Terry Mulligan radio show: Scott will attend if needed; Celine to send email to Amy
  • Cook Culture is still interested in the demo stage
  • Salt Spring coffee is out; Darren and Scott to contact alternate sponsors
  • Scott to contact Earls to get chefs to cook at the Boil
  • Darren and Ryan are working together on health permit, side dishes – lentils will be featured to celebrate the year of the pulse!
  • Celine to send invitation to all past chairs and chefs to participate in the boil

Spot Sprawn Gala (Friday May 13)

  • Champagne to be confirmed
  • Big push on tickets sale needed!

Spot Prawn Cooking Classes (Saturday May 14)

  • Celine to prepare Fish Counter gift certificate and send to Rob for review
  1. Fundraising/Scholarship Committee
  • No news


Adjournment:  By Scott Jaeger at 3h16 pm

Next meeting:  Tuesday, May 31, 2016 @ 2:00 pm

Location:  Campagnolo, 1020 Main St.

Board Meeting Minutes – April 5, 2016

Date:                            Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Location:                      Campagnolo, 1020 Main St., Vancouver

Call to Order:                Robert B. at 14h01

Roll Call:                       Céline Turenne

Board Attendance:        Robert Belcham, Ryan Bissell, Robert Clark, Darren Clay, Sid Cross, Scott Jaeger, Danny Markowicz, Celine Turenne, Neil Wyles

Guests:                         Alex Tung, Kathleen Beveridge, Leeann Froese

Approval of Board Meeting Minutes from February 23, 2016

1st: Robert B ; 2nd: Ryan


  1. Financial Report

52 k in the bank less expenses = 44 k

  1. Membership
  • VanMag award April 13 - Celine to attend
  1. Sustainability/Growers/Green Initiatives Committee
  • No report
  1. Marketing & Branding
  • Scout membership: update pending from Sid – negotiate a discount
  • Fall event: fall harvest – pasta fall harvest competition night?  Alex and Sid to propose – farmers’ market and winter market;  food truck : guest chefs on trucks – last farmers’ market a truck and another chef;  one dish pays per dish; people’s choice award; tickets purchased for food – Alex to chair
  1. Curry Cup 2016
  • Profit of 3k after donation
  • Next year: Curry restaurant showdown
  • Neil: chair for 4th
  1. Spot Prawn Festival

Boil (Sunday May 15)

  • Disclaimer on date to be added to web site and press release
  • 10th PPFA 9k – booth on site to promote organization
  • Prep kitchen: Ryan to contact AMS and see if kitchen is available
  • Truck: Mark Hills has offered his truck – Celine to contact and confirm
  • Layout of event: change of position for cooking demo stage – backing into the south fence
  • Confirmation from Steve: Ryan to get confirmation from Steve via email re: quantity of spot prawns donation
  • Agenda of events
  • Robert B in charge of boil; Celine to send invitation to chefs
  • Ryan in charge of food prep (sides)
  • Cook Culture sponsorship of cooking stage not yet confirmed

Spot Sprawn Gala (Friday May 13)

  • Canapés – Robert C to ask Chris to prepare
  • Champagne reception: Alex to contact Moet & Chandon
  • Avalon dairy sponsorship? Alex to f/u
  • Vancity – 2 tickets for festival – Celine to send to?; Invite Bank to set-up tent on site; Leeann to f/u on contact for bank (Dave Perry)
  • Gala: Scott to thank everyone at the end of the evening
  • Giving tickets: 1 media for 2 tickets (Fred Lee) – good fit – Celine to email Fred
  • Invitee: Oceanwise – 1 ticket; Mark Hills – 1 ticket
  • Mayor: invited to the gala?  No

Spot Prawn Cooking Classes (Saturday May 14)

  • 6 classes – 1 hr ea
  • Darren in charge
  1. Fundraising/Scholarship Committee
  • Bocuse d’Or: 3 participants in the province; looking for help to cover expenses; no applications received
  1. Miscellaneous
  • Sprouting Chefs (Darren): one-woman show; seeds and grows and teach about planting; fundraiser in June (11); David Suzuki is speaker; presentation at next board meeting;
  • Add general discussion on school programs;
  • Sysco: want do you want to give us – discussion needed on how they can get involved with CTS; delivery TOTE PROGRAM?
  • PR: Kathleen – 1 yr anniversary; Thank you Kathleen and Town Hall!
  • BC mental health: meeting with Go2HR to be planned


Adjournment:  Scott @ 3:36 pm

Next meeting:  Tuesday, April 26, 2016 @ 2:00 pm

Location:  Campagnolo, 1020 Main St.

4th annual Curry Cup Winner Announced

Chef Felix Zhou Wins 2017 Curry Cup Championship 

The Chefs' Table Society of BC congratulates chef Felix Zhou and the team from Heritage Asian Eatery for winning the 2017 Curry Cup grand championship and People's Choice award with the Thai Duck Curry with Potato Rosti dish.

On Monday, March 6, a sold out crowd of 200 attendees took part in the fourth annual Curry Cup competition at Heritage Hall. Eight acclaimed chefs from across the Vancouver culinary scene faced-off to determine which curry would reign supreme. Flavours of the competing curries ranged from sweet, to spicy with ingredients that were both traditional and unexpected. The event raised $2000.00 to support Project Chef.

Competing chefs included:

Last year's winner, chef Roger Ma of Boulevard Kitchen & Oyster Bar, returned as a judge along with Alexandra Gill, Vikram Vij and Lee Mann. 

For the fourth year in a row, Fred Lee, Man About Town, acted as emcee. The event featured not only curries from each competing restaurant but also wines from Evolve Cellars, beer from R&B Brewing, Jack Daniels cocktail samples. A special thanks to our fourth year sponsor Lonsdale Event Rentals and Bella Gelateria for providing tasty gelato for dessert. 

L to R : Neil Wyles, Curry Cup co-chair; Felix Zhou, 2017 Curry Cup Champion; Scott Jaeger, president of CTS. Credit: Charles Zuckermann


CTS invites you to save-the-date for the upcoming Spot Prawn Festival on Saturday, May 13.    

Visit for more information about the Chefs' Table Society of BC or to become a chef or supporting member. 

Curry Cup 2017-Tickets Now on Sale


For many chefs and their brigades, curry is the ultimate family-style staff meal, the proud product of a cook's cultural heritage.

On Monday, March 6, from 6:30 pm to 9:30 pm, eight of Vancouver's top chefs will compete in the 4th annual Curry Cup.

Join the Chefs' Table Society of British Columbia and its panel of participating chefs and judges:

Parts of the proceeds will be given to Project Chef.

Several Door Prizes will be awarded throughout the night!

Tickets to the Curry Cup are $60 in pre-sale until January 16, 2017 and will then be $65.00. They include eight unique international curries highlighting diverse flavours from around the world served by the competing chefs, along with beer from R&B Brewing, wine from Evolve Cellars and cocktails.

Don't wait, this event sells out early! Purchase your ticket via Eventbrite

Board Meeting Minutes February 23, 2016

Date:                            Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Location:                      Campagnolo, 1020 Main St., Vancouver

Call to Order:              Scott Jaeger  at 2:01 pm

Roll Call:                       Céline Turenne

Board Attendance:        Robert Belcham, Ryan Bissell, Robert Clark, Darren Clay, Sid Cross, Scott Jaeger, Gus Stieffenhofer-Brandson, Celine Turenne, Chris Whittaker

Guests:                         Alex Tung, Kathleen Beveridge

Approval of Board Meeting Minutes from January 26, 2016

1st:Sid ; 2nd: Robert B


  1. Financial Report
  • $38.5 k in the bank + $8 k in Paypal = $46.5 k
  1. Membership
  • Lot more social medias for curry cup and promotion of event
  • All chefs at Curry Cup to become members
  • Celine to arrange for all chefs to follow up with participating chefs – include in the letter to be sent
  • Drive at Van Mag - Ask Jenni for a table for Chefs’ Table to sign up members
  1. Sustainability/Growers/Green Initiatives Committee
  • GFS, Sysco and Freshpoint (system to follow) – what they are doing to be sustainable and what can we do to streamline;
  • Gus to get info from his computer at AMS;
  • Work with restaurants to inform/act
  • TOTE presentation at the AGM – Albion started the process of sustainable deliveries
  1. Marketing & Branding
  • f/u Sid and Alex will be working together to come up with a new event for the Fall – adjourned to March meeting
  • Scout membership : renew ask; for free membership – Andrew Morrison to be contacted by Sid
  1. Curry Cup 2016
  • Andrea Carlson filled in for Josh Gale;
  • Robert B to follow-up on disposable dishes as no answer received to date from last year’s sponsor – no need, got compostable from ;
  • Sid suggested getting gift bags for participants (follow-up required – Celine): roasted chickpeas will be given;
  • Students from NWCV to volunteers
  • Suggestion from Sid to talk about curry at the event to inform public - Chris to review
  1. Spot Prawn Festival


  • Members’ event after the spot prawn festival
  • Vancouver Tourism to be contacted and get on board
  • Discussion needed re: participating on competition with Global
  • $17.50 same as last year

Gala dinner:

  • Aquarium no; Vancouver Club – selected venue
  • Ticket price: 200.00
  • Black tie optional
  • Chefs selection – Rob C to confirm other chefs
    • Frank?
    • Vancouver Island?
    • Okanagan?
    • Ned has been invited
    • Chefs selection: hors d’oeuvre – select apprentices – canapé 3 chairs that have run the festival; apprentice from Hawksworth?
    • Dessert: ?
  • Season will open on Tuesday prior to event
  • Restaurants to participate in activities – Rob C to contact

FRIDAY:           Gala – proceeds to Oceawise

SATURDAY:     Cooking classes – proceeds to school

SUNDAY:         Festival – proceeds to CTS

  1. Fundraising/Scholarship Committee
  • No report
  1. Miscellaneous
  •  Invitation to Japan Consulate Event verify email addresses as mail is not getting through
  • VanMag Supplier award – new ownership; next couple of days; chose a product, a supplier; and forward the email to all – then send to Jenni – Grain; SEND EMAIL TODAY
  • Mental Health initiative – Scott’s topic – send information to all board members; set-up meeting with Alan; seminar every year and students can attend; hearing from people who have had challenges; health plan from CTS; presentation from insurance – review health offers; identifying problems; alcohol and drugs; EMAIL FORWARDED
  • Miscellaneous : insurance is at same rate as last year


Adjournment:  Scott 15h02

Next meeting:  Tuesday March 29, 2016 at 14h00

Location:  Campagnolo, 1020 Main St.


Board Meeting Minutes January 26, 2016

Date:                            Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Location:                     Campagnolo, 1020 Main St., Vancouver

Call to Order:              Scott Jaeger at 14h00

Roll Call:                      Céline Turenne

Board Attendance:     Céline Turenne, Robert Belcham, Scott Jaeger, Neil Wyles, Sid Cross, Chris Whittaker, Darren Clay, Robert Clark (For SPF topic)

Guests:                         Alex Tung, Kathleen Beveridge

Approval of Board Meeting Minutes from November 27, 2015 -   1st: Robert; 2nd: Chris


Financial Report

  •  $41.5 K in the bank
  • HSBC bank reconciliation still pending


  • Social media will be done by Darren Clay to help keep CTS in the forefront.

Sustainability/Growers/Green Initiatives Committee

  • Gus is in Winnipeg, no report.

Marketing & Branding

  • No plans for members’ events
  • Sid and Alex will be working together to come up with a new event for the Fall

Curry Cup 2016

  • To date, no female chef participating
  • Robert B to follow-up on disposable dishes as no answer received to date from last year’s sponsor;
  • Sid suggested getting gift bags for participants (follow-up required – Celine)

Spot Prawn Festival


  • Cookie cutter based on last year’s event;
  • Invitations have been sent to political figures at municipal, provincial and federal level to be present/speaking at the SPF when the boats arrive;
  • Scott to talk to contact at Earls to see if their staff would volunteer at the boil (10 to 15)
  • Cooking classes at PICA on the Saturday (profit generating or donated);
  • Volunteer students: if cooking classes are happening, then do we need students from other schools?

Gala dinner:

  • location to be confirmed as initial talks with Aquarium have not led to securing the venue;
  • Scott to talk to Gus about hosting the event at Perch;
  • Out of town chefs to be invited to participate (work out hotel rooms and incidental expenses – 4 Seasons?, Sutton Place?);
  • Chefs who participate at dinner could reproduce their dish at the cooking stage at SPF
  • Rob is proposing a week-long celebration with restaurants featuring spot prawn dishes,
  • Global Television: contact to see if interested in working on a one-week competition featuring teens and chefs – see if Project Chefs or Growing Chefs are interested in participating;
  • All events to be added to the SPF web site;

Fundraising/Scholarship Committee

  •  No report
  • Alex wants to get more involved with the Fundraising/Partnership part of this; should a new chair be created for Corporate fundraising to bring in additional funds and create additional scholarships?
  • Avalon Dairy: Alex will see if and how we can partner with them;


  • Proposal by Len (from Sysco) to get more involved in CTS: how can Sysco get involved with CTS: education? Budget? Not determined yet to follow up and create a committee to work and see if/how,
  •  IT update of work done: Dominic, new IT is doing a great job at fixing little bugs and coming up with creative solutions; membership payment and renewal has been automated and electronic membership cards are next.
  •  Dish n’Dazzle chefs participation (last year’s participant) confirmed on behalf of BCHF.
  •  Governor General’s Prize: Okanagan winery is sponsoring the award next year, does CTS want to get involved for the next one?


Adjournment: Scott Jaeger @ 15h05

Next meeting: Tuesday February 23, 2016 at 14h00

Location: Campagnolo, 1020 Main St.

Board Meeting Minutes November 24, 2015

Date:                            Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Location:                     Campagnolo, 1020 Main St., Vancouver

Call to Order:             Robert Belcham at 14h01

Roll Call:                      Céline Turenne

Board Attendance:     Robert Belcham, Scott Jaeger,Céline Turenne, Darren Clay, Gus Stieffenhofer-Brandson, Chris Whittaker, Neil Wyles, Ryan Bissell

Guests:                         Dennis Green, go2HR

Approval of Board Meeting Minutes from October 27, 2015 - 1st: Ryan; 2nd: Robert


1.Financial Report

  • $48.5 K in the bank
  • HSBC bank reconciliation still pending


  • 137 members
  • Corporate membership? decide on criteria (within mission statement) and fee for this level of membership – Darren and Robert to follow-up and work on defining criteria
  • Perks and benefits: add to offering Q1 2016
  • Web site to be re-visited and simplified – a decision to be made on whether or not to keep members walk-in and other functionalities
  • As of January 1, 2016, no more t-shirts will be mailed to new members - members can pick them up at events;
  • Céline working on call-out (via email) to lapsed members
  • Automatic renewal of membership is now operational and electronic membership cards will be finalized by Q1 2016

3. Sustainability/Growers/Green Initiatives Committee

  • main area: packaging in food distribution industry; work on ways to eliminate cardboard boxes; will be working with distributors and manufacturers –
  • Letter to Freshpoint (see Ryan) – returnable delivery boxes.
  • Céline to work with Gus – follow-up in January
  • farmed fish back east - gmo fish (next meeting) – find info and post
  • Shrimps in Ontario – find info and post

4. Marketing & Branding

  • Update on Members’ Event: January? See if any Chefs on book tour?
  • Response on plan by by Jan. 4 so email can go out to all members

5. Curry Cup 2016

  •  Date: Monday March 7, 2016
  • Location: Heritage Hall
  • Who has been; and members list; Céline to send to Chris
  • Posts on Scout; unsung hero kitchen helper; one of the competitor;
  • Same price as last year
  • Growing Chefs will receive the money – Céline to contact Growing Chefs and get one of their members in office to become a member
  • Contact Fred Lee to ask if he will emcee

6. Spot Prawn Festival

  • Date dinner: Saturday May 14
  • Festival: Sunday May 15
  • Chris to contact Jed Grieve (Cook Culture) to see if interested in sponsoring the cooking stage – Céline to send info to Chris
  • Ryan assigned dinner – 600 people?
  • Location: Vancouver aquarium

7. Fundraising/Scholarship Committee

  •  No report

8. Miscellaneous

  • 14h30: Dennis Green, go2HR presentation: Cook Labour Study Project
  • Dennis to send info to Céline for dissemination
  • Miscellaneous: approval given to renew insurance; information sent to lawyer for annual report.


Adjournment: Scott Jaeger @ 15h05

Next meeting: Tuesday January 26, 2016 at 14h00

Location: Campagnolo, 1020 Main St.

Board Meeting Minutes

Date:                             Tuesday October 27, 2015

Location:                     Campagnolo, 1020 Main St., Vancouver

Call to Order:            Scott Jaeger at 14h00

Roll Call:                      Céline Turenne

Board Attendance:     Robert Belcham, Andrea Carlson, Darren Clay, Scott Jaeger, Gus Stieffenhofer-Brandson, Céline Turenne

Guests:                         Kathleen Beveridge (Town Hall Communications),

Approval of Board Meeting Minutes from September 28, 2015

1st:Scott; 2nd: Robert



  1. Financial Report
  •  Accounting for 2014: still waiting for HSBC bank statements from Neil
  • 48.5k in bank accounts – few expenses pending


  1. Membership
  •  As of today: 73 chefs and 64 supporters = 137 members
  • November/December will be “renewal months” for lapsed member
  • Automate renewal in web site to facilitate process
  • Discussion on who gets memberships for free –
  • Get auto-renew operating again to facilitate management of membership (Email Stephanie to get information re web since Karen will no longer be managing it)


  1. Sustainability/Growers/Green Initiatives Committee
  •  Slow Fish Dinner final numbers: 5.5k profit
  • Appointment of Gus Stieffenhofer-Brandson as chair
  • Appointment of Andrea Carlson as co chair
  • Motion to accept 1st Robert 2nd Darren


  1. Marketing & Branding
  • Update on November Membership event: various locations looked at; this will have a budget of app 2.5k for about 50 people and media;
  • Vice-president Robert accepted
  • Motion by Scott; 1st: Darren 2nd: Gus
  • f/u with Robert re marketing activities


  1. Curry Cup 2016
  •  Date to be decided – plan a few weeks after wine festival; day to be on a Tuesday or Sunday
  • Email to Neil and Chris


  1. Spot Prawn Festival
  •  Update from conf call Ryan/Rob/Celine
  • Date is set for May 15 for Festival and May 14 for Gala (location to be decided: PICA, Aquarium,…).
  • Number of attendees to be confirmed
  • Speakers will be invited as this is the 10th anniversary
  • Looking for sponsorship for cooking stage: Andrea to follow up on contact with VanCity (Celine to follow-up)
  • More volunteers needed for the event as this will be the biggest one


  1. Fundraising/Scholarship Committee
  • Summary from Danny:

Since the AGM, the focus has been on finalizing the Chefs Table/BC Hospitality foundation entries, and selecting the winners.

I’m happy to report that three students were selected based on merit and their achievements. They are Shawna James from VIU,

Brittany Louie from Johnston Heights Secondary, and Mary Wan from the Arts Institute. The winning students were presented a cheque for 1500$ each at the Connect show breakfast last Monday.

BCHF has also reached out to add info to their website. I will get back to them with a follow up.

During the AGM last month, I spoke with Barbara Jo with regards to getting her store more exposure thru CTS, and how we could help get books into the hands of cooks.

This will be a work in progress…

  •  (BCHF said they would not pay accommodations and travel expenses in the future; use technology to get presence for out of town winners, if needed.


  1. Miscellaneous
  • Update on participation to Connect Show Oct. 18 and 19, 2015: 9 memberships ($315)+ many new contacts – all costs are covered $250 for booth set-up + $ parking/cabs = $310.00) – to be re-done next year, but chefs to attend
  • Update on Farms to Fork gala (Growing chefs auction) $375. For silent auction prize
  • The Vinegar Lady products received at Connect show given to board members for their review; Celine to email Vinegar Lady
  • Use of board titles/responsibilities from ex members: Leeann suggested she looks after it since from a PR point of view it can be confusing – message to all ex board members.


Adjournment:  Scott Jaeger at 1505

Next meeting:  Tuesday November 24, at 2 pm

Location:  Campagnolo, 1020 Main St.

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