Apply now for the Barbara-Jo Books To Cooks Chef Literacy Scholarship

Barbara-Jo Books To Cooks Chef Literacy Scholarship

Open to all Cooks and Culinary Students

Barbara-jo Books To Cooks is a longstanding crown jewel in Vancouver’s culinary scene; a cultural mecca for foodies.

A unique scholarship opportunity has been created by Barbara-Jo to help cooks obtain the books of their dreams - a book to bring you to modern times, a book of classics to spark your passion, a text book or reference book to start your own business. This your chance to start or enhance your personal library.

For Barbara-jo, it's a chance to nourish the principals that form the foundation of her business. "I believe in the preservation of libraries and the knowledge that comes from real books," she explains.  "The idea of holding a book in your hand, of spending time to savour the gift of turning each page, is something that should be passed on to each generation."

"We bring in books from around the world," she adds.  "They're essential reading for young, professional chefs.  But they can be expensive, especially if you're just starting out.  So I got to thinking: How can I pass on an experience I've always cherished to the young chefs who need it most?"

To apply, simply write to The Chefs Table Society. In several paragraphs describe yourself, where you want to go with your career, what book you are looking for and the reason why.

Applications will be reviewed on the last day of every season, or 4 times a year, so you can apply throughout the year.

Send your application letter to: