Board Meeting Minutes – August 29, 2017

Date:                           Tuesday, August 29, 2017

Location:                     Campagnolo, 1020 Main Street

Call to Order:              Scott Jaeger 1h38 pm

Roll Call:                      Céline Turenne

Board Attendance:      Robert Belcham, Darren Clay, Scott Jaeger, Celine Turenne

Guests:                        Genevieve Dufresne, Victor Girardi, Colin Stauss

Approval of Board Meeting Minutes from June 27, 2017

1st:Robert Belcham;  2nd:Scott Jaeger


 1. Financial Report 

In the bank: 78k (figures will be adjusted after end of month financials are completed) 

  1. Membership 

Members: 298 (includes chefs and volunteers participating in last event)

Advise our chefs’ member that their foodsafe now has an expiration date:  “As of July 29 2013, all FOODSAFE Level 1 certificates issued in British Columbia have a five-year expiry date.  FOODSAFE Level 1 certificates issued prior to July 29, 2013, are valid until July 29, 2018.” CTS will provide additional information on renewal. 

  1. Sustainability/Growers/Green Initiatives Committee 

            No report 

  1. Marketing & Branding 
  • Completed surveys were not sent by all Board members – PLEASE COMPLETE AND SEND YOUR SURVEY – Celine to follow-up
  • Robert to compile information received to date
  • Robert suggested sending survey to members – Celine to organize via SurveyMonkey 
  1. 2017 EVENTS 

The Board recognizes the excellent work done by Genevieve Dufresne from Townhall Brands on PR activities for our events. 

The Board also recognizes the excellent work done by Kathleen Beveridge on social media to promote our events.

  • Wild Salmon Celebration – a successful event!
  • Sold out event – 200 tickets sold;
  • Very positive feedback from guests, wineries and participating chefs
  • Venue set-up and location was spectacular
  • Problem with tear down and clean-up afterwards: hire a team to do the work before/after event – plan for 4 to 5 workers @ $15.00 an hour for 5 hours = $300.00
  • Plan a meeting with Wild Salmon Marketing Council to share feedback – Chris offered to attend; Celine to coordinate with ED from Marketing Council
  • For all events, chairing chefs to communicate with invited chefs to review logistics and portions to make sure that the brief is met (size and number of portions)

***Review of spot prawns food poisoning situation:  Celine to send a official recap of situation to all board members***

  • Mosimann event cancelled – Scott/Neil to contact Sean Cousins at Vancouver Club to let him know
  • September 12 – Chef meets Truck
  • 8 chefs but only 7 trucks - Peter Fong will be set-up in a tent on his own. Celine and Genevieve to change message being promoted.
  • Ticket sales need a push
  • FASE permit still pending; Celine to follow-up
  • VCH temporary food permit pending; Danny is looking after it
  • U-Haul van to be rented to allow for storage of items before, during and after event as well as for pick-up and deliveries
  • Student volunteers are from Northwest.
  • Tear down crew to be organized – Celine to provide a detailed plan of what goes where (Colin will take care of it).
  • Review of other possible locations for event.
  • October 15 – Slow Fish Dinner
  • Addition of a desert service: Beta5 is confirmed; 250 portions
  • All chefs are confirmed – Robert has received 4 chefs info sheets back – to be sent to Celine
  • List of fish product is confirmed
  • Wines: Costanza to confirm – wineries form Wild Salmon Celebration would probably participate.
  • November - Greatest Bake Sale Ever! – details to be confirmed (Chairs: Neil Wyles, Christine Beard) – Neil to discuss event – FROZEN items to be sold. – rent trucks for freezer
  • Robert Belcham to set-up meeting with event company to review how a partnership might benefit CTS. 
  1. Fundraising/Scholarship Committee 

No report 

  1. Miscellaneous 



Adjournment:  by  Scott Jaeger @ 3h05

Next meeting: Tuesday, September 26, 2017 @ 1h30 pm

Location:         Campagnolo upstairs, 1020 Main Street

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