Board Meeting Minutes – May 30, 2017

Date:                           Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Location:                     Campagnolo, 1020 Main Street

Call to Order:              Scott Jaeger @ 1h30 pm

Roll Call:                      Céline Turenne

Board Attendance:      Robert Belcham, Ryan Bissell, Darren Clay, Scott Jaeger, Alex Tung, Céline Turenne, Chris Whittaker, Neil Wyles

Guests:                        Christine Beard, Colin Stauss

Approval of Board Meeting Minutes from April 25, 2017

1st: Chris Whittaker; 2nd Ryan Bissell


  1. Financial Report
  • 80k in the bank – 3.6k outstanding SPF expenses
  • Motion: It is requested that an expenditure of $2500 to $3000 to resolve outstanding income tax situation be accepted -  Motion passed
  1. Membership

Members: 276

  1. Sustainability/Growers/Green Initiatives Committee

            No report

  1. Marketing & Branding
  • Culinary Library - Sauders School of Business was contacted through Fred Lee’s contact to see if we can get support for the development of our business plan through. We missed the May 1 deadline for application and will apply in the fall.  This will give us time to organize the project and supply a more structure plan.
  • Celine to send letter to remaining board members; create list of potential people to get the letter; add contacts to the list. – To be organized over the summer once a plan is more detailed
  • Celine to follow up with Roberta (Farmers’ Market): no response received to date after follow-up done via email – FOLLOW UP DONE, no answer received
  • Picture of the board to be taken at the AGM – POSTPONED
  1. 2017 EVENTS
  • May 13 - Spot Prawn Festival postmortem
  • This event is now a board event – no Chair;
  • ED will organize all logistical details and coordinate as in past years;
  • Each chef on the board will be assigned an area of responsibility;
  • August 26 -  BC Wild Salmon Festival (Chairs:  Chris Whittaker, Ryan Bissell) concept to be defined; budget is approved and moving forward; stay away  from word “festival”;
  • September 12 - Chef meets Truck (Chairs:   Alex Tung, Danny Markowicz) - Yaletown chefs 3 to 4 chefs – YBIA is a sponsor again this year; all permits have been requested: Liquor permit on hand, FASE (Film and Special Event) permit in progress, Green plan submitted.
  • September 23 – Chef Anton Mosimann (Neil is coordinating Vancouver Club, Scott is coordinating Chef (s))
    • send a priority invitation to our chef members; contact Culinary Schools
    • Talk to include all chefs participating in the dinner
    • Saturday pm. Dinner at Vancouver Club dinner for 12 on site
    • how many people classroom style? Celine to follow up with Katie at VC
    • Les dames are paying for travel expenses – CTS will donate a silent auction item;
  • October 15 – Slow Fish Dinner – (Chairs: Darren Clay, Robert Belcham) - Jesse Vergen is confirmed;
  • November - Greatest Bake Sale Ever! – details to be confirmed (Chairs: Neil Wyles, Christine Beard)
  • 2018 “Dinner with a chef” – project for next year; world renowned chef to be invited?
  • 2020 chefs’ event
  • in conjunction with event organizer; at what cost? Partnership? Meeting to be organized be Robert Belcham to meet organizer (with ED)
  • Chefs / supporters wanting to get involved – please advise by next board meeting on June 27.
  1. Fundraising/Scholarship Committee

No report

  1. Miscellaneous
  • Tent canopy replacement: stock item purchased for $200 – do we need to order a made to measure one – Mike Loy to suggest a place to have it altered
  • Proposed sponsorship money to Christine Beard to ship “Agatha” to Montreal for the Chocolate Masters Competition for a maximum of $1000.00 to cover total expenses. Accepted unanimously.


Adjournment:  14h55 by  Scott Jaeger

Next meeting: Tuesday, June 27, 2017 @ 1h30 pm

Location:         Campagnolo upstairs, 1020 Main Street

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