Board Meeting Minutes – April 25, 2017

Date:                            Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Location:                      Campagnolo, 1020 Main Street

Call to Order:                Scott Jaeger at 13:55

Roll Call:                       Céline Turenne

Board Attendance:        Christine Beard, Robert Belcham, Darren Clay, Sid Cross, Ryan Bissell, Scott Jaeger, Jamie Maw, Danny Markowicz, Alex Tung, Celine Turenne, Chris Whittaker, Neil Wyles

Guests:                         Genevieve Dufresne, Robert Clark

Approval of Board Meeting Minutes from March 28, 2017

1st:Robert Belcham; 2nd Danny Markowicz


  1. Financial Report

 60k + 3 in Eventbrite + 8.5 in receivables = 71.5 in the bank

  1. Membership

 Members: 207 + students from VCC + SPF volunteers and chefs = 250

  1. Sustainability/Growers/Green Initiatives Committee

            No Report

  1. Marketing & Branding
  • Business plan: 3 to 6k – not for profit price to create a business plan– alternative is to seek grad or post grad student at Saunders school to take in on during the summer; Celine to follow-up

Jamie Maw offered to look at numbers and Sid Cross to look at legal

  • Picture of the board to be taken at the AGM – POSTPONED
  • Celine to send letter to remaining board members; create list of potential people to get the letter; add contacts to the list.
  • Celine to follow up with Roberta (Farmers’ Market): no response received to date after follow-up done via email
  1. 2017 EVENTS
  • May 13 - Spot Prawn Festival: update see notes
    • Review of demo details – Ned not in attendance so Celine reviewed details – all is in place
    • Review of boil details – meeting is scheduled with Ned for May 1 to finalize side dishes
    • Overall organization – fence? It is a go ahead for liability purposes
  • AUGUST 13 – BC Wild Salmon Festival –


BC Wild Salmon Marketing Council has approached Rob to give it the last kick in the can.  PPFA and Salmon Marketing – Steve Richards.   Asked by council to see what possibilities are and what can be done.

- PSF and Marketing Council – have an idea about what to do: combine with Pink Salmon Festival (last Sunday of August)

-fly in 5 chefs from across the country flights and accommodations – pink salmon recipe competition – chowder chowdown type event-

- Friday: chefs paired with 5 restaurants – cook a salmon menu – chefs at no cost to do a dinner – CTS chefs chosen for pairing –

- Saturday: organize an event like the curry cup and recipes are presented to public (ticketed event) – Townhall advised, Salmon Safe wines?

- Sunday: Pink salmon festival –  Robert Clark

  • September - Chef meets Truck – Tuesday September 12
  • October – Slow Fish Dinner – Sunday October 15
  • November - Greatest Bake Sale Ever! – details to be confirmed
  1. Fundraising/Scholarship Committee

No report

  1. Miscellaneous
  • StreetSmart Canada (overview by Jamie Maw) – presentation by Janice in June (TBC); Gordon Ramsay is involved in UK - big in Commonwealth countries;

Ron Josephson is running it in Vancouver;

Dates: November/December in Vancouver harvest money via table card asking table to give a dollar or more to the project; 300 restaurants in Victoria, Vancouver, Okanagan and Whistler; POS people discussion;

2k per restaurant on average beneficiary organization food bank direct training young people to go on.

  • Tent canopy replacement: stock item purchased for $200
  • Various requests (sponsorships and participation) – ok

New business idea

Chef Anton Mosimann will be in Vancouver; CTS to organize an event on September 23 at Vancouver Club (Neil to contact Sean Cousins) Is CTS donating scholarship? Sean could donate hotel room?


Adjournment:    3h15 pm

Next meeting:    Tuesday, May 30, 2017 @ 1h30 pm

Location:          Campagnolo upstairs, 1020 Main Street

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