Board Meeting Minutes – January 31, 2017

Date:                            Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Location:                      Campagnolo, 1020 Main St.

Call to Order:                Robert Belcham at 1:58 pm

Roll Call:                       Céline Turenne

Board Attendance:        Eric Arrouze, Roberl Belcham, Ryan Bissell, Sid Cross, Daren Clay, Scott Jaeger, Danny Markowicz, Alex Tung, Neil Wyles, Céline Turenne

Guests: Leeann Froese, Maddie Clerides, Genevieve Dufresne

Approval of Board Meeting Minutes from November 28, 2016

First:Ryan Bissell; Second: Alex Tung


  1. Financial Report

60 k in the bank

  1. Membership
  • Members: 169
  • Membership drive suggested by Alex – discuss at February meeting; update web site select a date and post on their social media; create a template for all to use answering 2 questions: why did you join CTS and/or why are you on the board  Link to BELONG campaign

Townhall to come up with:  Why did you join? Why does the society exist?

Target:  March/April with follow and sign at SPF

  1. Sustainability/Growers/Green Initiatives Committee

             No report

  1. Marketing & Branding
  • Web site: post AGM date on Facebook and invitation to all members (Celine)
  • Picture of the board to be taken at the AGM – Robert and Danny away
  • Investment project: space still being researched and investors/donors will be contacted
  • Motion to go forward: unanimous; a committee to be organized to review viability of project and create business/marketing plan.
  1. 2017 EVENTS
  • February: Wine Festival - PICA Kitchen Party (Darren)
  • March - Curry Cup (Neil and Eric)
  • CHEFS: still need some chefs
  • FOLLOW-UP: inclusion of chefs from other areas: Island chef collaborative (Robert to follow-up) and Okanagan chefs society (Ned to follow-up) – this applies to all event’s participation – not at this time
  • Judges: al confirmed
  • FOLLOW-UP: South China Seas as a sponsor (Neil to follow-up)
  • May - Spot Prawn Festival (Ned and ?  )

Tentative date:  Sunday Mary 28 – contact Steve Richards

  • May - Spot Prawn Festival cooking classes (Darren)
  • September - Chef meets Truck (chair:Alex; co-chair: Danny)

- Slow Fish Dinner (Darren and Robert B   )

  • WHEN? BC Salmon Festival – (chair: Chris? – Ryan)
  • November - Greatest Bake Sale Ever! (Chair: Neil cochair: Christine)
  • Sushi Showdown: sushi places to compete and push oceanwise postponed to 2018
  1. Fundraising/Scholarship Committee
  • BCHF scholarships: event recap – January 22 event; 5 scholarships given; very successful event held at White Spot;  still awaiting pictures and press release from event (BCHF); CTS gave $300 for travel to one of the winner
  • Michael Risel world final for the Chaine des Rotisserus – practice run in restaurants – Scott suggested topping of expenses: $ ? – follow-up required to see what is not covered;  suggestion made by Celine to create an auction item at the Chaine des Rotisseurs AGM to help with financing Michael, Scott further developed by suggesting chefs form CTS organize a dinner.
  • FOLLOW-UP: Mentoring program: assign a chef for the next year to ask questions offer stages… give contact information; Danny to coordinate
  1. AGM
  • Venue? PICA
  • By-law review (Sid) will be presented at the next AGM
  • Guest presentation: Vancouver Farmer’s Market? Guest – they need to define what they want from CTS
  • Board composition? Christine Beard to join Board
  • Email to reconfirm that all are back
  • New chair: Education
  • Campaign to invite members to come to events and volunteer
  1. Miscellaneous
  • Tent canopy replacement (Neil)
  • Various requests (sponsorships and participation); auction item to be sent for VCC dinner
  • Presentation by Dawn Kelly (14h31) – current member;
  1. Secondary School Education Program: fundraising dinner to generate money
  2. Off cuts fundraiser calendar in Calgary; hope to raise 44k from the calendar
  3. Celebrity Chef fundraising dinner: May 26 chef is required;
  • Earl’s: golf tournament for staff; awards’ night: event in Kelowna – 180 people 3-course dinner; CTS to do it; 12k revenue; food donated; scheduled for June…


Adjournment:  Sid at 15h30

Next meeting:  Tuesday, February 28, 2017 @ 2h00 pm

Location:  PICA (Pacific Institute of Culinary Arts, 1505 West 2nd Avenue

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