Chefs’ Table is looking for a Partnerships & Sponsorships Committee Chair

The Chefs' Table Society will have an exciting year ahead. To be elected at our AGM on September 25, 2012, discover the part you could play as our next Partnerships & Sponsorships Committee Chair.


  • Focus on initiatives to increase partnerships and sponsorships
  • Developing strategies to identify and actively pursuing opportunities in the BC area
  • Find partners to sponsor society’s events, members and organizations the society supports



Partnerships & Sponsorship initiatives by your committee must support at least one of the following CTS values:

  • foster camaraderie among chefs, protect our food security
  • promote sustainability. strive to create a legacy for our young chefs
  • raise funds for local non-profits, scholarships, bursaries and the
  • CTS legacy library and support local BC producers.

Board Member Code of Conduct

As a Board Member of the Chefs' Table Society of British Columbia, you are asked to make the following commitments during your tenure on the Board. This are minimum requirements. Breaching the Code of Conduct may result in a call for resignation.
  • Attend a minimum of 9 meetings a year.  Ensure that proxy attends in your place in your absence.
  • Present committee activity updates at monthly board meetings (last Tuesday of each month at 2pm)
  • Organize 1 event per year, relevant to your committee’s mandates, goals and initiatives.
  • Working with the society’s administrator / event coordinator to coordinate details and date of event
  • Submitting event details (4 weeks prior) or news (at the time or no later than 1 week prior) that requires promotion to the marketing/branding committee
  • Recruit at least 4 members per year
  • Provide year end report of accomplishments and future initiatives at 2013 AGM
  • Post or have a proxy/committee member post regular committee updates and news within your group page on the CTS online community page
  • Name a minimum of 2 committee members/volunteers other than their proxy within a month of being elected

Chairs are accountable for all actions to be executed by their committee.

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